Les Produits Laitiers DCM

Distributor of dairy products since 1980.

Les Produits Laitiers DCM was born in 1980. An ad in the newspaper attracted the attention of Mr. and Mrs. Pilon who sniffed the case. Over time, the Little Milk Road grew to become a food distribution company. From father to daughter the business continues to flourish from year to year.

Produits Laitiers DCM proudly offers quality products, mostly from Quebec, which provide stability while remaining competitive. In particular the Pilon Cream which follows the company since the very beginning.

Produits Laitiers DCM is in full swing, young and dynamic. Its goal is to listen to and serve its customers who have been loyal to them for more than 35 years. She always knew how to keep human contact as her goal.

It was in 2014 that M and Mm Pilon handed the torch to their 2 daughters and their spouses. The 4 motivated shareholders and their competent and efficient employees make every effort to make this company more prosperous and distinct.

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